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Young Scientists Pte. Ltd

Young Scientists Pte. Ltd. publishes educational magazines and resource materials to cater to the dire needs of learners and educators today.

Established in Singapore, a renowned hub of educational excellence, it specializes in producing magazines and educational resource materials that complies with the pedagogical requirements of the local and international educational institutions.

The primary objective of Young Scientists Pte. Ltd. is to ensure ‘The Young Scientists’ are read and enjoyed by children from ages 5 – 12. It is also hoped that these science-based magazines will continue to be read even as they grow into teenagers and young adults.

'The Young Scientists' have also successfully moved into new markets in Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Korea. In Taiwan, Japan and China, 'The Young Scientists' are available in e-book format.

Young Scientists Pte. Ltd. takes pride in her team of experienced writers, editors, designers and production executives that has been consistent in developing and producing educational magazines and resource materials of top-notch quality to cater to the varying needs of the different markets in Asia.


'The Young Scientists'

'The Young Scientists' are science-based comics published in English Language. There are three levels for three different age-levels – namely Level 1 (for ages 5 – 8), Level 2 (for ages 9 – 10) and Level 3 (for ages 11 – 12).

'The Young Scientists' are explicitly illustrated and designed with the primary aim of promoting interest and literacy in Science among children in their early school life.


The WebSite

Young Scientists Pte. Ltd. has an ad-free website, - 'www.youngscientists.com.sg' for children, parents and educators who are interested in seeking more information on a particular issue. This website is designed to promote the company’s philosophy of nurturing a love of reading and at the same time stimulate the imagination and intellect of children to encourage them to express their creativity. It also offers a sanctum for children to engage in the interactive contents of science-based stories and non-fiction genre.